me bio picNatalie Sundeleaf Sept is a sixth generation Oregonian who currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. By day she is District Representative for a U.S. Congresswoman, but by night, she is a painter.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina  — leaving a track to pursue political science. She returned to Portland after teaching art in a middle school near Chicago and working as a volunteer on the Obama 2008 campaign to investigate a political life path.

Her work combines her two seemingly opposite pursuits: art and civic duty. Working primarily in oils, her paintings seek to bring to light the personal histories and stories of the unseen laborers of the city.

Natalie lived abroad in Varanasi, India during college where she first learned the art of portraiture, and later traveled to Sweden and Spain to explore farming and her ancestral roots. Her experience working in a local restaurant launched the idea for the dishwasher project — an intimate portrayal and tribute to the men and women behind the illustrious Portland food scene.

She is also an avid ultimate player, runner, bicyclist and a devoted Blazers fan.

Israel BayerIsrael Bayer is the Executive Director of Street Roots, a Portland, Oregon street newspaper. He has worked in the street newspaper movement for nearly 15-years. He has worked for Real Change, a street newspaper in Seattle, Washington and for the North American Street Newspaper Association.

Israel is also a published journalist, poet and photographer.

Growing up in industrial Illinois along the Mississippi River, Israel comes from blue-collar roots. He has worked as a grill and prep cook and a dishwasher in Wood River, Illinois and Denver, Colorado. He loves clothes that clash, sports and stories from the wrong side of the tracks.


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